Our Vision

Prepare children from different nationalities in academics and character, using the Montessori Method to acquire quality Nigerian, British, and French academic certificates in the same study duration in order to become relevant and excellent leaders in any part of the world.

Our Mission

To provide purposeful and constructive curricula that use the Montessori philosophy tailored to focus on the individual personality of children at different ages to produce independent, innovative, highly skilled, and bilingual individuals skills.


The school follows the principles of Montessori where a child’s love for learning is encouraged by giving him or her the opportunity to engage in meaningful and practical activities under the guidance of a trained teacher.

Apart from Montessori philosophy, our teaching is a blend of the Nigerian, British as well as French curricula. Every child is therefore expected to learn all the subjects in both English and French languages, thereby affording our learners quality qualification for English and French certificate examinations. This has led to our emergence as pioneer school to produce pupils with both English and French academic certificates in West Africa.

Being a Montessori practicing school, we guide our children through practical life exercises (P.L.E) like the use of cutlery, introduction and compliance to staircase courtesy, shoe polishing and lacing, etc. Our school clubs include Ballet, STEM, Aprons & Mitts, Salon de Beaute, Swimming, etc.

The teachers are professionally trained to observe to respond to the individual child characteristics, tendencies, innate talents and abilities. They guide rather than control. The teacher-pupils ratio is 1:15.

Our learning environment is safe, supportive and thoughtfully prepared for young children. Each classroom, equipped with the full range of Montessori materials, is designed to facilitate movement and activity in an orderly manner, at the same time displaying beauty and fun.

We have a wide range of colourful and tactile didactic materials that help children to concentrate on activities in the learning process.

Welcome to Trinity Bilingual Schools, Nigeria.

Trinity Bilingual School is an academic institution with an incomparable drive to discover and develop latent talents into abilities. It is a school conceived after a careful re-evaluation of our academic system and the needs of our society and the world.

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No. 3 Yellow Bush street, opposite Kogi court, Gaduwa Estate, Abuja, Nigeria.

Email: info@tbilingual.sch.ng

Phone: +2347088668550, +2348104240422

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At Trinity, we are truly bilingual.
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Why are we Unique?

At Trinity Bilingual Schools, our teaching is a blend of the British, Nigerian and French curricular where every child is expected to learn all subjects in both French and English languages. Our unique education system produces pupils with both English and French certificates, qualifying them to live, work or study in any English or French-speaking country around the world.